Gallery: Uva by day and night

This week, we were invited to Uva to get acquainted with its new day menu and bar program. I had been a near-daily regular when we lived next door to the Moda Hotel–the daily soups were outstanding, and the wine and spirits always reliable.

With Lauren Mote now at the bar helm, I’m regretting that we’ve moved away. I thankfully have enough excuse with opera and symphony dates to come by pre- or post-show. I’m undoubtedly going to drop by before curtain today for another preview of the Vieux Canadien: alberta premium dark horse canadian rye whisky, canados apple brandy, punt e mes amaro, canadian maple dram, denman & suius cherry bitters.

If you’re a work/play neighbour or are a fellow theatre subscriber, go check out Lauren’s latest creations. I wager that you’ll soon subscribe to Uva, too.

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